Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dress Code

What do you think? Are dress codes good or bad? Beginning November 1st, our dress code changes to "winter wear". That means more formal attire. White dress shirt, nice conservative tie, and sharp looking dress pants. The polo shirts will get stored until Spring.

Image is important and can set the tone for your next sale. A successful image and favorable first impression make a lasting impact. It sometimes doesn't matter what you know, a bad appearance will speak so loudly your customer won't be listening.

Make sure each day and during the day you do all that is possible to keep a fresh sharp appearance. You will feel more successful and you will be more successful

Be successful and join with 700 other Tucson area businesses in our Jim Click Business Preferred Network as we help each other thrive!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Process and Service

You and your organization will be most successful when you view selling as a process. Every organization sells something. Not-for-profits sell image and the benefits of their services. Educational, religious, governmental organization must do the same. The ability to see that gaining support for your entity requires continuous follow-up and is a long term process is absolutely necessary. Building relationships take much effort over a long period of time. It is necessary to have a sense of urgency as that motivates you to act now for what you need later.

The one basic aspect that has not changed in successful marketing is the quality of service and value of products that you provide. No matter how effective you are in building relationships, if your customers don't like and value your products and services they are not coming back. Further, they will tell a lot of people, via the social media not to use you. That is the worst that can happen; using the power of the social media against you.

Therefore, it mandates more than ever that we take care of our basic business and make sure we offer something that definitely has a competitive edge, like our free Jim Click Business Preferred Network which is available to any of our Tucson community friends. Join with us and make Tucson the best place to grow a business!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Expand Your Resources For Success

Our Jim Click Business Preferred Network is continually looking for ways to help its associates grow their organization to the fullest. I believe each of you have a least one idea or experience that would be useful to the rest of our almost 700 partners. Share one here now.

For instance, one of you casually mentioned that they found an answer to a business problem by reading an ezine article. I had heard of ezine but never fully checked it out. I know more now than I did and want to encourage you to use this excellent resource.

It is and it is free. Here you will find articles, well written, on any subject you can think of. From social-media to how to save the Spirit Bear. It is both educational and entertaining.

Knowledge is one tool we can't get enough of. And becoming a partner in our Business Preferred Network is something we want more of. Please tell your business peers and friends to join with us as we help build a thriving business base in the Tucson, AZ community.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too Much Information

I was reviewing the information I have assembled concerning social media. All of it is interesting and maybe useful. However, I am feeling overwhelmed with the thousands, yes thousands, of well written documents concerning this subject.

I have way too much information and that makes it more difficult to set into action a good marketing plan. Luckily, Jim Click is a recognized brand in Tucson. Awareness of our products is not an issue. Conversion of customers to purchase is the issue. They have many choices and they are as knowledgeable as any of our salespeople, maybe more so.

The key is having a relationship with the prospect that breeds trust. Some people are good at building an almost instant rapport and the rest of us must invest some time to earn that trust.

That is why the current digital communication technology is relevant. It helps us build relationships, in numbers never imagined before, that create the modern opportunities to do business. (OTDB)

If you are feeling overwhelmed about social media, you are among the majority of business leaders. The savvy ones are jumping in and testing the waters. Don't let your fear of doing the wrong thing keep you from getting involved. On the job training is the most efficient way to get started. (OJT)

Heed this advice. Whatever you do make sure that honesty, civility, and respect for those you contact are the uppermost virtues that you employ. You can always fine tune your methods, skills, and strategy but you can't afford to create unfavorable situations from which you will never recover.

Join with us in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network as we all work together to build the best business possible.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Accentuate the Positive

The Jim Click Team was faced with a huge task. Move 1200 cars to the Tucson Convention Center, set up to receive 4,000 visitors, complete loads of paper work, plan to work 12-18 hours each day, secure the place, and welcome guests as they arrive.

The practical side of me said prepare for a tough time. I, along with others, was dreading the week long event.

On the first day of the "show" I met Paul and was about to commiserate with him. However, his first words were, "Wow, I've been waiting for this all year. I can't wait until the doors open. It is such an exciting time!"

His enthusiasm and positive spirit changed my whole outlook and energized me all week. I was astounded at how I felt by adopting his attitude. It was contagious.

I'll always remember to accentuate the positive and look for the good in all challenges.

And, when you join with us in our Jim Click Business Preferred Network, you will feel the same!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selling From the Heart

I read in "Simple Truths" that the most effective salespeople have a similar trait, they all sell from the heart. In other words they care about the people they sell to. They care about the products they sell. They relate to their customers needs and problems and find ways to solve them.

I find the greatest obstacle to successful selling is a lack of honest communication. When you sell from the heart you always are an honest communicator. If both sides of a sales transaction can see each others needs, there is a strong chance they will find common ground in which to complete the transaction.

Honestly, we want you as a Business Preferred partner so we can help each other do more than we could ever do alone. Everyone in our Tucson network is selling from the heart!

Friday, July 23, 2010

What we Were in the Past Does Not Matter

I read this interesting statement. "What we were in the past doesn't matter, it is what we are now that is important." Each day can be a new starting point. Hanging on to old baggage is stressful and energy draining. It stifles our creative ability and keeps us stuck in the old ways.

If you are a person who can change what happened yesterday I would like to hear from you. We will both get rich. You can atone for mistakes but you can't change the action already completed. Give it up and move on to the positive possibilities you now can create.

Help us help each other as we try to build businesses that grow and are good for everyone. Join with us in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let's create a future with meaningful results. It takes all of us working together to accomplish this.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime & The Selling is Easy

Jeffry Gitomer, high profile sales trainer thinks summer is a great opportunity to get more sales. Competition usually slows down due to vacations, relaxing, and sort of in neutral until cooler weather comes.

Take advantage of working harder and getting out to see more people. Stretch yourself like a rubber band until you can't do more. The pay-off will be much greater in a "slow" period. Find out what your customers need. Do something for them that is different. They may have the summertime blues and you can be just what they need to get moving again.

Don't let summertime give you an excuse to take it easy. Get tough and get going. Sing the song, "Summertime and the selling is easy"! And remember, it's easy to participate in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network where the giving is easy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consider This: Discipline

Thomas Huxley said, "There are a thousand principles of success, but none will work without self-discipline". How true this is for me as I sit and recall how many times I did not make the effort necessary to achieve my goals.

Yes. I have valid excuses and that is all they are, excuses. So now I have excuses and no achievements. Most likely, everyone is guilty of this at one time or another. Getting motivated everyday and having a plan, a focus, on what you want to accomplish is a difficult task.

What can we do to become disciplined and yet flexible and spontaneous? Partly, discipline is better achieved when considered over a period of time that is longer than just the day or week or even month.

I believe that staying focused and being disciplined requires you to be aware of the times that you need some breathing space. Take the break for yourself. You will be healthier and in the long term more productive. If you get angry with yourself you may get discouraged and give up all together.

Have long term goals and stay focused on them. And, also make one of your goals to join with us in the Business Preferred Network and it will help you succeed at whatever you decide!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Affinity or Cause Marketing

Several years ago, it became popular to align your product and service with a group that supported a meaningful purpose. Organizations such as the Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Nature Conservancy, or any better known purpose could give you creditability that consumers favored.

When you support a cause it becomes a part of the culture of your company. You and your employees support it through contributions and action. There is significant benefit to doing this. The public will be impressed that your company has interests in your community in addition to selling their products.

It is my opinion that a company support a single entity or purpose. In this way your message gains creditability and does not have dilution of effort.

A single cause could be as simple as "Spirit Lifting" for people facing life-limiting challenges. The Spirit Lifters Network finds people who could use encouragement and sends them a Spirit Bear, which is a warm and fuzzy stuffed animal. The Spirit Bear comes with an inspiring story card. Although the Spirit Lifters Network is not well known, it has Spirit Bears worldwide.

Join a cause and make your business world a better place for all. Join the Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let's help everyone become a Spirit Lifter!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Don't Have Time

If there is only one most important aspect of any person's life, it has to be time. Time is all we have. The spending of time, our most valuable resource, is mostly done without an appreciation for its worth.

I asked one of our managers to attend an event with me where we would meet new people and build new relationships. His response was, "I don't have time". What he meant was, "I don't think it's worth my time". When business begins to slow down, then he might think it's worth his time.

My suggestion is that we set our time priorities with more careful thought. Anyone reading this, know how much time they have left? Each of us has the right to decide what to do with our time. However, you may want to spend some of that precious time re-evaluating how you use it.

Take time to join with us here at the Jim Click Business Preferred Network. It's past time that you did something good for yourself and your business!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Building Relationships

Social-media is not the cure all for business development. Building relationships is. Yes, you use all of the proponents of social-media to help find and create relationships. However, good relationships that build trust can give your products and services the best opportunity to be purchased.

The purchase pathway is first making people aware of your products. Then the potential consumer can consider the value or benefit that would motivate them to buy. Social-media helps promote the benefits and provides a platform for others to give their experience in using it. Once a consumer is convinced that they should buy your product, or something similar, they decide where the purchase should be made.

If you have done your job of building a personal relationship with them or someone they know, it is more likely they will be using your organization to consummate the purchase.

You can never build too many relationships. Prospecting and building should be a regular part of your activities. The more time you have for doing this, then the more likely your opportunities for prospects to convert to customers.

There is no such thing in this approach for having a slow day. A slow day just means you spend more time prospecting and building new relationships or strengthening old ones.

Join with us in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let us help you create more relationships and business.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FEAR, Our Most Popular Emotion

It has been my experience to observe, in myself and others, that the greatest obstacle to success is fear. Most of the times we don't recognize it as fear as it usually is a little deeper, psychologically, than the surface emotion we recognize.

Make a list of some possibilities of your fears. I fear getting sick, not having sufficient funds, not being accepted by others, and the list goes on. What do you fear?

The antidote to fear is knowledge, learning more about your situation, and finding new options and possibilities. Discipline yourself to accept that you have to handle many of life events that are distressful or distasteful, or painful. However, our despair can make us strong and help develop our confidence and self esteem.

My challenge each day is to look for the good in all things and meet the tough tasks of the day with action. The greatest obstacle to development of human potential is the fear of leaving our comfort zone!.

Be comfortable with people just like you who are determined to succeed and get active in our Jim Click Business Preferred Network.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Managing For Success

Our executive vice president asked his managers why we were so lucky in being successful? Each of them gave good reasons. Most businesses succeed, however, because they are well managed and not because they are lucky. Lucky wins lotteries.

The four principles of management are POAC: Plan, Organize, Actuate, and Control. A well thought out plan organized in such a way to keep focus and efficiency when activated will most likely succeed. Metrics are the key to control. When you know precisely what you are measuring you have the basis for getting the results you forecast.

Get the results you want for your organization and become one of the Jim Click Business Preferred Network partners. Working together we can help each other achieve a better Tucson community.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Listen and Learn and Succeed

Many times I find myself too eager to tell my story when I should be listening to hear your story. I think if I don't hurry and tell my message I will miss the opportunity. Sometimes, it's impossible to get your story told due to limited time constraints or it's not the appropriate time. We forget that there will be other opportunities and if we keep building on the relationship the perfect time will come for us to be heard.

This holds true for conversations in business and family. And, thanks to social-media, we have unlimited sources for communicating. I realize there is much pressure to get a sale made, get a point across, or defend yourself. Next time you're in that situation, think longer term and listen to learn how you can succeed with this person or group.

Listen to me and become active in our Jim Click Business Preferred Network and you will have many others listening to you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Attractive Valuable Incentives on JimClickBPN

New incentives are coming your way soon. We have approved some very attractive employee benefits for your organization. Our webmaster is in the process of posting these to our V.I.P. Incentives menu. You can find this by visiting and use the drop-down menu. under amenities. Go here often as we keep finding new ways to keep you interested and make you successful.

Join with 51, 283 other Tucson community organization as we connect to help us thrive in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did You Know?

Did You Know if you click the link in the heading you will learn some of the latest facts about our social-media world? Did you know if you don't click the above link that you will be in the majority of people - all uninformed and all not really caring? Did you know that the world you live in has changed in ways as dramatic of discovering the world to be round? Did you know that whether you know or not your life is affected anyway?

Jump on the bandwagon and become informed and click that link above. And, join with us in The Jim Click Business Preferred Network as we ask other Tucson businesses, "Did you know we have the best and highest technology to steer our Jim Click Business Network?

Did you know the Wildcats just lost to UCLA and I'm not real happy about that?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Social Media

Social-Media is a strategy of business development. You are already participating whether you know it or not. Become active in the conversations concerning your brand. Social-Media is conversation using the worldwide web and digital input.

Social-Media allows the customer to be heard and the customer is really the one person who can fire you by not ever using your brand.

This is the era of customer driven business philosophy according to Harvard Business review. Listen and respond to what the customer is thinking, saying, and doing and your brand will be successful!

Come on Tucson Business friends and jump on the Social-Media bandwagon and partner with us in The Jim Click & Holmes Tuttle Automotive Team Business Preferred Network!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Civility in the Workplace

For someone like me, civility is what my Mother taught me. Good manners and respect for others is an important contributor for more cheerful daily living. Cheerfulness is an important contributor to health. And, for whatever other reasons, I like doing it because it feels good to be nice to people.

My experience says that more civility in the workplace can also bring many more rewards. Too often I see employees treat each other with a lack of respect and tolerance. It seems as if everyone is too busy to be nice. It seems as if we treat those we engage daily as if they are not important to us. Personal reflection on this usually occurs after we have lost a relationship, a loved one, friend, or customer.

Do yourself a favor. Reflect now, honestly, on your relationships and see if you are satisfied on the way you contribute to making them positive. The rewards are outstanding when you use principles of civility like manners and respect.

I invite you to participate in our Jim Click Business Preferred Network where everyone is treated as the valuable relationship it is.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Step at a Time

I attended an inspiring breakfast this morning. Good food and good people. The speaker talked about several ways to be successful. The one thing that I related to was the idea of being focused on the task at hand. Having a goal is important but making sure you are taking the journey one-step-at-a-time is the joy. Knowing that your actions have a purpose and you are giving it your best effort is the prize. If that brings you the winning trophy so be it, but, if it doesn't you will still be content and happy in the knowing that you have given your all and you have no regrets about the effort you put forth. By giving your best, you are the best! And, that is a feeling well worth having.

Help us have the best Tucson area business network and partner with us in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network as we try to live up to our potential by helping others and ourselves.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today's New Customer

In case you're not looking the customer is becoming the driving force in this era's new business model. In 1934 entrepreneurs, like Henry Ford,set the stage for how business would be conducted. He directed the philosophy that most other companies followed. It was management from the top down.

In 1973, about the time of the oil embargo, we were learning that great inventors and entrepreneurs were not necessarily the best managers. So we initiated the professional management philosophy. Our philosophy was geared to get the highest return on investment for the owners.

Now, Harvard Business review reports we are in a new era of business philosophy and it is being driven by the needs and wants of the customer. Enter the complexed world of social-media. The new customer expects much more from his/hers vendors. And they now have the technical resources for talking and investigating our products and services. Learn more about this affects you, from sales guru Jeff Gitomer, by visiting his website at: It is an eye opener.

And, partner with us through our Jim Click Business Preferred Network. We will do our best to keep you informed about ways to help your business thrive and at the same time give valuable incentives to your employees.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Purchase Funnel

The classic purchase funnel has been modified to reflect the information technology advancements over the last several years. When you advertise you make people aware of your products and services. Next the prospect considers it. Then they decide its a good thing for them and they purchase. This is where things change in today's marketing scheme. Now, they talk about it and what they say is trusted by those who hear it. And, using social-media they have more ways and greater reach than at anytime in history.

FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Texting, Websites, Webinars and etc now connect millions of people when they want information about your product or services. Whether you are pro-active in this modern phenomena or not doesn't matter - you are involved! And, it would be good for you to learn how you can use this to your advantage.

Join our Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let's learn together how we can thrive together. It is an exciting adventure!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Time Rain

It isn't a beautiful Tucson sunny day today. It looks like thos seldom-seen clouds are going to bring us a grey rainy day. Most of us enjoy these days as we know soon the sun will shine again.

I think life is like that. All of us have rainy days bringing challenges of health, finances, loss, relationship problems, and you can name your own special worry. It helps to remind ourselves that these challenges will diminish and we will thrive again when the sun shines later in our life.

Be hopeful. The rain brings strength and the sunshine harmony. And, I'm hopeful I'll see you soon at our next Business Preferred Network meeting.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bookends of Prospecting & Follow-Up

Bookends are useful for holding your books in place. Not many people would give much consideration to the aesthetic aspect when choosing them. To me, however, I like to consider something unique in buying bookends. Bookends keep in place the books I have chosen to keep and these books are very special. I take the lesser value books to Bookmans when I am through with them. The books I keep I call my personal classics. Something I would want my children to discover and read. They are important at least to me.

That is how I look at the bookends of prospecting and follow-up. They hold something valuable between them. Prospecting generates the opportunities to do business. And follow-up assures your capability to sustain and grow. These two pillars hold within them the products and services that your customers value. And prospecting and follow-up help assure that they become aware of what you have and who you are. It is in that awareness that they consider the potential to purchase.

Consider letting the Jim Click Business Preferred Network help you grow your business. Just like my personal classic books, I value you and your business to partner with us.