Monday, May 24, 2010

Building Relationships

Social-media is not the cure all for business development. Building relationships is. Yes, you use all of the proponents of social-media to help find and create relationships. However, good relationships that build trust can give your products and services the best opportunity to be purchased.

The purchase pathway is first making people aware of your products. Then the potential consumer can consider the value or benefit that would motivate them to buy. Social-media helps promote the benefits and provides a platform for others to give their experience in using it. Once a consumer is convinced that they should buy your product, or something similar, they decide where the purchase should be made.

If you have done your job of building a personal relationship with them or someone they know, it is more likely they will be using your organization to consummate the purchase.

You can never build too many relationships. Prospecting and building should be a regular part of your activities. The more time you have for doing this, then the more likely your opportunities for prospects to convert to customers.

There is no such thing in this approach for having a slow day. A slow day just means you spend more time prospecting and building new relationships or strengthening old ones.

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