Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Consider QR Marketing

In my observation I am noticing a movement in marketing to more focused use of QR codes. QR, Quick Response, is not new but is still very early in its application to marketing your organization' products and services.  It is a two dimensional bar code detectable by your smart phone.  When your phone reads the code you are connected to your special web page where you display useful information to the reader about your products and services.  They are an easy and virtually free way to increase sales with very little effort.  You can grow mailing and text messaging list, too.  They attract attention and they are unobtrusive to your prospect.  I'm suggesting you read up on this technology and experiment a little to see how it can help you grow your business. 


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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Getaway Place - Time-Out to Refresh

Everyday it is good to take time-out and getaway from the daily grind.  This is good to help lower your stress, sharpen  your focus, and go back to work RERESHED.  You owe it to yourself and those you care for.

Enjoy a brief getaway now and try this one.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Nothing Beats a Handshake

Social Media has proven to be a strong method for reaching and communicating with prospects and customers.  The virtues of Face book, Twitter, Linkedin, and such, are undoubtedly priceless.  (Even if they are basically free)  I am pleased to share in the many conversations and keep in touch with new friends and old.  However, I think there is no better way to be engaged with building market-share than face-to-face contact.  Relationships take time to build and meeting the people you want to earn trust in your organization requires a continuum of Social Media elements.  I find that our Jim Click Business Preferred Network's mobile coffee breaks has brought us closer to our customers and prospects.  We bring the coffee, pastries, juice, and fruit to your location to show our appreciation.  We are even willing to do it for you and your own prospects and staff.  You pay a catering company what we do for free. And, we do it because we want  your organization to prosper too.  Let's help each other keep the economy growing.  Become part of our free network and we can help you prosper!  Visit us at and let me know how we can partner with you.. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Quality of Care Index

I have discovered that my success or lack thereof, is in direct proportion to my "Quality of Care Index - QCI)  Let's take my effort to lose weight.  The more I care about my health and energy level, the more I commit to exercise and nutrition.  I'll rate my QCI for weight loss at 72.  When it approaches 80, I start getting into action by swimming, walking and eating fruits and vegetables.

Almost all organizations measure quality of care.  Health care providers, automobile dealerships, and any one who provides customer services of any kind. 

How about this.  What if we were to measure the QCI of employers in the way they care for their employees?  And this would appear on financial statements for the public to know more about the way an organization treated their employees.  A high QCI would most likely result in higher productivity and more people wanting to do business with them.  It would certainly help their recruiting and employee retention. 

What is your personal QCI for the several most important areas of your life, like relationships, contribution at work, or in hobbies and sports?  And, if you had to rate your employer, what is the QCI you would assign?

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Authentic Customer Service

Starbucks is a business model that any organization can learn from.  Feelings about the company run from "not-interested" to "I'll stand in line for 20 minutes to get my espresso." 

Howard Schultz, CEO, in his latest book, Onward has provided critical information concerning a method to make any organization more successful.  It is about the soft-side of business skills.  For sure, efficiency in the financial aspects of business are mandatory and require constant attention; but his message will give your organization the kind of soul that will have you thriving.

The essence behind "ONWARD" is romance.  This is a romantic business book.  The love affair and passion of people who have learned that coffee is much more than the glorification of the bean to the cup. 

Much of this 400 page book is self-glorification and it's real value to a shrewed business person could have easily been delivered in about 120. 

There is nothing new about the basics concerning customer service; quality products, guarantees, easy to purchase, and a feeling of, "I want to do more business with you".

Whatever your product, service, or mission it needs romance and spice.  My mother drank coffee every morning but I never saw her get excited about that black liquid.  Starbucks was able to accomplish this in a way never achieved by any other company in the history of coffee.

Howard, made a big deal about coffee after visiting an Italian coffee house.  He saw something few others did and applied his vision to his own little coffee shops.  The result being that there are thousands of stores globally producing revenue every hour, just so he can buy a new $45 million jet and enjoy some of the finest experiences that money can buy.

Twenty-five years later, from another shop owner in Italy, he learned anew the value of taking pride in what you do and doing it to its finest and best purpose.  If you do this and create passion for your organization great things are coming your way. Get his book and read diligently and searching between the lines for ways to apply his understanding to your organization. Onward is a small investment that will bring big rewards.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marketing Tips To Increase Sales

Business is starting to pick-up.  I think we will continue to see an increase in economic activity.  To help make this true will require some effort on your part. These five suggestions are basic to increasing your gross sales.  And, that means you have to commit to doing them and persevere.  Rewards will come but it takes time.  The sooner you commit, the sooner the rewards.
Tip 1. Who are the people most likely to buy what you sell?  And, where you can most likely find this prospect.
Tip 2. What are their most important issues.  Target how your product/service will provide a solution to their desire, pain, worry or concern.  The more in need they are, the more likely you will sell them.
Tip 3. The hook, make them an offer they can't refuse like deep discounts or even free.  Hook them and then start building the relationship.
Tip 4. Speak to them in their language using phrases and terminology they understand.  For them to hear you, they have to understand you. 
Tip 5. Make it easy to buy from you and trust you.  Offer guarantees and make it simple to reach you on their terms. Digital offers a method for constant contact 24/7.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Connect & Refresh Mobile Coffee Break

This is an invitation to any partner in our Jim Click Business Preferred network. As an act of goodwill and kindness we will provide a free Connect and Refresh Mobile Coffee Break for your organization.

You can show appreciation to your staff, prospects, or customers. We bring premium Arabic coffee and fresh baked mini muffins and scones from our own cafe to you.

This is interactive marketing at its best. We want to create a friendlier kinder Tucson. Join with us and let me know when we can schedule yours.

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