Friday, July 23, 2010

What we Were in the Past Does Not Matter

I read this interesting statement. "What we were in the past doesn't matter, it is what we are now that is important." Each day can be a new starting point. Hanging on to old baggage is stressful and energy draining. It stifles our creative ability and keeps us stuck in the old ways.

If you are a person who can change what happened yesterday I would like to hear from you. We will both get rich. You can atone for mistakes but you can't change the action already completed. Give it up and move on to the positive possibilities you now can create.

Help us help each other as we try to build businesses that grow and are good for everyone. Join with us in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let's create a future with meaningful results. It takes all of us working together to accomplish this.


  1. Self improvement is or atleast should be a life long never ending journey. We make mistakes, we fall, but we must get back up and be better than we were when we fell. I've made it my career to improve businesses for others but have overlooked my own self improvement. I have decided to enroll in an Online School at night and on my days off to get a degree that I should have had many years ago. You will not see me in the social networks as much but I will always be available to anyone that needs my help. You know where to find me.

  2. "You can atone for mistakes but you can't change the action already completed."

    I like this and how you placed it there. When we take action, either good or bad, no we can change the action but we can atone for it. Once we take that step in whichever direction we are going to go, its done. We can however turn around, do a 180, and start again.

    This is the beautiful thing about life, every day is a brand new day. We have new opportunities to step up higher today then where we were yesterday. Leaving behind us all the "bad experiences" learning from our mistakes, and putting the focus on the positive.

    I like what Jack said "We make mistakes, we fall, but we must get back up and be better than we were when we fell." I believe this is the real key to life, and all the secrets that it holds. We fall down, and when we get up we are stronger. We have learned how to take the punches that life throws at us and we start throwing our own punches.

  3. Jerry Poore, Jack and Chuck's words inspired me just a moment ago. How many times we get up every day? This is why Eckhart Tolle encourages us to live in the now, fully concentrating on being in our environment, adapting to our situations, and acting to mold that environment or situation. We won't be worrying about the past when we concetrate fully on the now.

    Thank you, gentlemen, for reminding me that right now matters. I'll create my day, the day in which I live, rather than ignore it or hide from it. Right now, I'll endeavor positively and proactively to find the job that fits me.

    Karl W. Leach
    ~ Accountant I ~