Thursday, June 17, 2010

Affinity or Cause Marketing

Several years ago, it became popular to align your product and service with a group that supported a meaningful purpose. Organizations such as the Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Nature Conservancy, or any better known purpose could give you creditability that consumers favored.

When you support a cause it becomes a part of the culture of your company. You and your employees support it through contributions and action. There is significant benefit to doing this. The public will be impressed that your company has interests in your community in addition to selling their products.

It is my opinion that a company support a single entity or purpose. In this way your message gains creditability and does not have dilution of effort.

A single cause could be as simple as "Spirit Lifting" for people facing life-limiting challenges. The Spirit Lifters Network finds people who could use encouragement and sends them a Spirit Bear, which is a warm and fuzzy stuffed animal. The Spirit Bear comes with an inspiring story card. Although the Spirit Lifters Network is not well known, it has Spirit Bears worldwide.

Join a cause and make your business world a better place for all. Join the Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let's help everyone become a Spirit Lifter!

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