Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Purchase Funnel

The classic purchase funnel has been modified to reflect the information technology advancements over the last several years. When you advertise you make people aware of your products and services. Next the prospect considers it. Then they decide its a good thing for them and they purchase. This is where things change in today's marketing scheme. Now, they talk about it and what they say is trusted by those who hear it. And, using social-media they have more ways and greater reach than at anytime in history.

FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Texting, Websites, Webinars and etc now connect millions of people when they want information about your product or services. Whether you are pro-active in this modern phenomena or not doesn't matter - you are involved! And, it would be good for you to learn how you can use this to your advantage.

Join our Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let's learn together how we can thrive together. It is an exciting adventure!

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