Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Listen and Learn and Succeed

Many times I find myself too eager to tell my story when I should be listening to hear your story. I think if I don't hurry and tell my message I will miss the opportunity. Sometimes, it's impossible to get your story told due to limited time constraints or it's not the appropriate time. We forget that there will be other opportunities and if we keep building on the relationship the perfect time will come for us to be heard.

This holds true for conversations in business and family. And, thanks to social-media, we have unlimited sources for communicating. I realize there is much pressure to get a sale made, get a point across, or defend yourself. Next time you're in that situation, think longer term and listen to learn how you can succeed with this person or group.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Attractive Valuable Incentives on JimClickBPN

New incentives are coming your way soon. We have approved some very attractive employee benefits for your organization. Our webmaster is in the process of posting these to our V.I.P. Incentives menu. You can find this by visiting and use the drop-down menu. under amenities. Go here often as we keep finding new ways to keep you interested and make you successful.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did You Know?

Did You Know if you click the link in the heading you will learn some of the latest facts about our social-media world? Did you know if you don't click the above link that you will be in the majority of people - all uninformed and all not really caring? Did you know that the world you live in has changed in ways as dramatic of discovering the world to be round? Did you know that whether you know or not your life is affected anyway?

Jump on the bandwagon and become informed and click that link above. And, join with us in The Jim Click Business Preferred Network as we ask other Tucson businesses, "Did you know we have the best and highest technology to steer our Jim Click Business Network?

Did you know the Wildcats just lost to UCLA and I'm not real happy about that?