Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dress Code

What do you think? Are dress codes good or bad? Beginning November 1st, our dress code changes to "winter wear". That means more formal attire. White dress shirt, nice conservative tie, and sharp looking dress pants. The polo shirts will get stored until Spring.

Image is important and can set the tone for your next sale. A successful image and favorable first impression make a lasting impact. It sometimes doesn't matter what you know, a bad appearance will speak so loudly your customer won't be listening.

Make sure each day and during the day you do all that is possible to keep a fresh sharp appearance. You will feel more successful and you will be more successful

Be successful and join with 700 other Tucson area businesses in our Jim Click Business Preferred Network as we help each other thrive!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Process and Service

You and your organization will be most successful when you view selling as a process. Every organization sells something. Not-for-profits sell image and the benefits of their services. Educational, religious, governmental organization must do the same. The ability to see that gaining support for your entity requires continuous follow-up and is a long term process is absolutely necessary. Building relationships take much effort over a long period of time. It is necessary to have a sense of urgency as that motivates you to act now for what you need later.

The one basic aspect that has not changed in successful marketing is the quality of service and value of products that you provide. No matter how effective you are in building relationships, if your customers don't like and value your products and services they are not coming back. Further, they will tell a lot of people, via the social media not to use you. That is the worst that can happen; using the power of the social media against you.

Therefore, it mandates more than ever that we take care of our basic business and make sure we offer something that definitely has a competitive edge, like our free Jim Click Business Preferred Network which is available to any of our Tucson community friends. Join with us and make Tucson the best place to grow a business!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Expand Your Resources For Success

Our Jim Click Business Preferred Network is continually looking for ways to help its associates grow their organization to the fullest. I believe each of you have a least one idea or experience that would be useful to the rest of our almost 700 partners. Share one here now.

For instance, one of you casually mentioned that they found an answer to a business problem by reading an ezine article. I had heard of ezine but never fully checked it out. I know more now than I did and want to encourage you to use this excellent resource.

It is and it is free. Here you will find articles, well written, on any subject you can think of. From social-media to how to save the Spirit Bear. It is both educational and entertaining.

Knowledge is one tool we can't get enough of. And becoming a partner in our Business Preferred Network is something we want more of. Please tell your business peers and friends to join with us as we help build a thriving business base in the Tucson, AZ community.