Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too Much Information

I was reviewing the information I have assembled concerning social media. All of it is interesting and maybe useful. However, I am feeling overwhelmed with the thousands, yes thousands, of well written documents concerning this subject.

I have way too much information and that makes it more difficult to set into action a good marketing plan. Luckily, Jim Click is a recognized brand in Tucson. Awareness of our products is not an issue. Conversion of customers to purchase is the issue. They have many choices and they are as knowledgeable as any of our salespeople, maybe more so.

The key is having a relationship with the prospect that breeds trust. Some people are good at building an almost instant rapport and the rest of us must invest some time to earn that trust.

That is why the current digital communication technology is relevant. It helps us build relationships, in numbers never imagined before, that create the modern opportunities to do business. (OTDB)

If you are feeling overwhelmed about social media, you are among the majority of business leaders. The savvy ones are jumping in and testing the waters. Don't let your fear of doing the wrong thing keep you from getting involved. On the job training is the most efficient way to get started. (OJT)

Heed this advice. Whatever you do make sure that honesty, civility, and respect for those you contact are the uppermost virtues that you employ. You can always fine tune your methods, skills, and strategy but you can't afford to create unfavorable situations from which you will never recover.

Join with us in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network as we all work together to build the best business possible.

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  1. Well said! Even I get overwhelmed with social media and its my job. :) So, jumping in, testing the waters as you said, and being open to just learning for awhile (as opposed to seeing immediate results) is the best way I can think of to get acclimated.