Friday, June 24, 2011

Quality of Care Index

I have discovered that my success or lack thereof, is in direct proportion to my "Quality of Care Index - QCI)  Let's take my effort to lose weight.  The more I care about my health and energy level, the more I commit to exercise and nutrition.  I'll rate my QCI for weight loss at 72.  When it approaches 80, I start getting into action by swimming, walking and eating fruits and vegetables.

Almost all organizations measure quality of care.  Health care providers, automobile dealerships, and any one who provides customer services of any kind. 

How about this.  What if we were to measure the QCI of employers in the way they care for their employees?  And this would appear on financial statements for the public to know more about the way an organization treated their employees.  A high QCI would most likely result in higher productivity and more people wanting to do business with them.  It would certainly help their recruiting and employee retention. 

What is your personal QCI for the several most important areas of your life, like relationships, contribution at work, or in hobbies and sports?  And, if you had to rate your employer, what is the QCI you would assign?

Join with us in our Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let's improve the QCI for our Tucson community.