Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consider This: Discipline

Thomas Huxley said, "There are a thousand principles of success, but none will work without self-discipline". How true this is for me as I sit and recall how many times I did not make the effort necessary to achieve my goals.

Yes. I have valid excuses and that is all they are, excuses. So now I have excuses and no achievements. Most likely, everyone is guilty of this at one time or another. Getting motivated everyday and having a plan, a focus, on what you want to accomplish is a difficult task.

What can we do to become disciplined and yet flexible and spontaneous? Partly, discipline is better achieved when considered over a period of time that is longer than just the day or week or even month.

I believe that staying focused and being disciplined requires you to be aware of the times that you need some breathing space. Take the break for yourself. You will be healthier and in the long term more productive. If you get angry with yourself you may get discouraged and give up all together.

Have long term goals and stay focused on them. And, also make one of your goals to join with us in the Business Preferred Network and it will help you succeed at whatever you decide!

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  1. Nice post Jerry. I think that you and Thomas Huxley hit the nail right on the head. I wonder how many salesmen are putting that advice into action?! I know one! Reminds me of the old saying "when times get tough the tough get going!!