Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Civility in the Workplace

For someone like me, civility is what my Mother taught me. Good manners and respect for others is an important contributor for more cheerful daily living. Cheerfulness is an important contributor to health. And, for whatever other reasons, I like doing it because it feels good to be nice to people.

My experience says that more civility in the workplace can also bring many more rewards. Too often I see employees treat each other with a lack of respect and tolerance. It seems as if everyone is too busy to be nice. It seems as if we treat those we engage daily as if they are not important to us. Personal reflection on this usually occurs after we have lost a relationship, a loved one, friend, or customer.

Do yourself a favor. Reflect now, honestly, on your relationships and see if you are satisfied on the way you contribute to making them positive. The rewards are outstanding when you use principles of civility like manners and respect.

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