Monday, October 31, 2011

Nothing Beats a Handshake

Social Media has proven to be a strong method for reaching and communicating with prospects and customers.  The virtues of Face book, Twitter, Linkedin, and such, are undoubtedly priceless.  (Even if they are basically free)  I am pleased to share in the many conversations and keep in touch with new friends and old.  However, I think there is no better way to be engaged with building market-share than face-to-face contact.  Relationships take time to build and meeting the people you want to earn trust in your organization requires a continuum of Social Media elements.  I find that our Jim Click Business Preferred Network's mobile coffee breaks has brought us closer to our customers and prospects.  We bring the coffee, pastries, juice, and fruit to your location to show our appreciation.  We are even willing to do it for you and your own prospects and staff.  You pay a catering company what we do for free. And, we do it because we want  your organization to prosper too.  Let's help each other keep the economy growing.  Become part of our free network and we can help you prosper!  Visit us at and let me know how we can partner with you..