Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Listen and Learn and Succeed

Many times I find myself too eager to tell my story when I should be listening to hear your story. I think if I don't hurry and tell my message I will miss the opportunity. Sometimes, it's impossible to get your story told due to limited time constraints or it's not the appropriate time. We forget that there will be other opportunities and if we keep building on the relationship the perfect time will come for us to be heard.

This holds true for conversations in business and family. And, thanks to social-media, we have unlimited sources for communicating. I realize there is much pressure to get a sale made, get a point across, or defend yourself. Next time you're in that situation, think longer term and listen to learn how you can succeed with this person or group.

Listen to me and become active in our Jim Click Business Preferred Network and you will have many others listening to you.

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