Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Connect & Refresh Mobile Coffee Break

This is an invitation to any partner in our Jim Click Business Preferred network. As an act of goodwill and kindness we will provide a free Connect and Refresh Mobile Coffee Break for your organization.

You can show appreciation to your staff, prospects, or customers. We bring premium Arabic coffee and fresh baked mini muffins and scones from our own cafe to you.

This is interactive marketing at its best. We want to create a friendlier kinder Tucson. Join with us and let me know when we can schedule yours.

If you are not yet a Business Preferred Network partner join now at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Face-to-Face Marketing - Kindness at Work

The two basic aspects of successful marketing has been and will always be, Face-to-Face relationship building and the absolute necessity of providing exceptional customer satisfaction.

It matters not, how proficient we become in the use of digital development. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any others are effective tools for telling our stories. However, nothing is stronger than backing up your product or service value through a good old conversation over a cup of coffee.

The humanistic side of business is key to success when building trust and brand loyalty. Build your brand on this foundation and you will succeed. Caring about the needs of others creates the glue that holds it all together. We call this "Goodwill"! Believe me, Jim Click did not build a great business just because he had some great cars and values. Mr. Click, from the heart, knew that a generous pocketbook along with a generous heart creates over thirty years of goodwill that serves him and our Tucson community well.

Join with us in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network and let's build some community goodwill for you and your brand. Kindness is a tough minded business tool. Use it. Put kindness to work.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Goodwill - Branding Yourself

According to accounting principles, Goodwill, is the intangible part of total assets that exceeds book value. If you sold your company for $100K and the value of all the assets was $90K, the excess of $10K is Goodwill.

How much more is your company worth than your combined tangible assets? I think this is the most important aspect of creating a successful company. What are you doing today to make your business worth more than its equipment, inventory, liquid assets, and etc.?

This can be the determining factor in "Branding Yourself". The term synergy comes to mind. Synergy is a term meaning that total value is worth more than the sum of all parts. Just like good financial investments, your efforts can gain appreciation in its value.

We sometimes lose sight of the fact that we contribute to overall success, not just this quarter's profitably. We accept our hourly wage, commission, and salary as if that is all we are entitled to. However, we should receive a regular bonus for the Goodwill we create! That's my branding of myself every time I go the extra step to make my company successful.

My W2 states I earned X amount but I actually earned X amount plus the Goodwill I created. If you decide to leave your company, you better believe you will be selling your next employer on the value of your personal brand and its Goodwill.

The Jim Click Business Preferred Network is our community effort in Goodwill. We want everyone of you to succeed. It's good for you, the Tucson community, and all of your friends and family. Join with us in our BPN and invite a guest to become involved in building their Goodwill.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Internet Marketing Strategy Made Simple

The path from understanding that the Internet can increase opportunities to do business to actually doing it is filled with many obstacles. I am discovering that many of our BPN partners do not have the time or inclination to use this most effective Interactive Marketing tool.

Sometime in March or April, our Jim Click Business Preferred Network will host our first "Coffee Break Seminar". "Internet Marketing Strategy Made Simple will be presented by Jerry Lankin of National PC Solutions. This is a learning opportunity and a method to meet some of our 1,000 business partners. (at least those who attend) For more info contact me at

Be kind to yourself, your family, and grow your business!