Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today's New Customer

In case you're not looking the customer is becoming the driving force in this era's new business model. In 1934 entrepreneurs, like Henry Ford,set the stage for how business would be conducted. He directed the philosophy that most other companies followed. It was management from the top down.

In 1973, about the time of the oil embargo, we were learning that great inventors and entrepreneurs were not necessarily the best managers. So we initiated the professional management philosophy. Our philosophy was geared to get the highest return on investment for the owners.

Now, Harvard Business review reports we are in a new era of business philosophy and it is being driven by the needs and wants of the customer. Enter the complexed world of social-media. The new customer expects much more from his/hers vendors. And they now have the technical resources for talking and investigating our products and services. Learn more about this affects you, from sales guru Jeff Gitomer, by visiting his website at: It is an eye opener.

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