Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime & The Selling is Easy

Jeffry Gitomer, high profile sales trainer thinks summer is a great opportunity to get more sales. Competition usually slows down due to vacations, relaxing, and sort of in neutral until cooler weather comes.

Take advantage of working harder and getting out to see more people. Stretch yourself like a rubber band until you can't do more. The pay-off will be much greater in a "slow" period. Find out what your customers need. Do something for them that is different. They may have the summertime blues and you can be just what they need to get moving again.

Don't let summertime give you an excuse to take it easy. Get tough and get going. Sing the song, "Summertime and the selling is easy"! And remember, it's easy to participate in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network where the giving is easy.

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