Monday, December 28, 2009

Discipline, The Best Gift

I'm stressed just using the word discipline. Most of us review our status at the end of each year and begin to make promises of what we will do in the new year to improve.

I see three tasks of life, work, love, and play, as tasks I could improve and I think make myself more satisfied. Yet, to fulfill even a reasonable goal I must first commit to improving my discipline. It is too easy for me to make an excuse and justify my actions.

The best gift I can give and receive is to myself. Assuming, I will do the things necessary for optimal health requires discipline. After that, I have set goals for work accomplishment, goals for my golf game and other leisure, and goals for improving my relationships.

I have found that setting long-term goals is best for me. Then, when I fall off my ideals I can encourage myself to get back on track as I have time to meet my goals. It worked for me in 2009 and I hope I will be more disciplined in 2010.

One goal you can set is to become more active in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network. With discipline it could be the best gift you give yourself.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank You

My mother taught me to say, "Thank you", and this habit has served me well. People like to know they are appreciated. They like the acknowledgement of a positive response from those they help.

What you don't say may say more about you than what you do say. I have had the unpleasant experience of walking through the sales floor area of a department store and no one acknowledges that I am there. In fact they seem disturbed and unhappy that they are there. Oh, how much a nice smile and a, "Thank you for coming in", would have made me feel happy and appreciated. I might even have bought something if I had been engaged by anyone.

Engage the people around you both familiar and the stranger. You will feel better for it and maybe even create more business. And those you engage will certainly have a favorable impression of you.

Thank you for reading my Jim Click Business Preferred blog. I appreciate you.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Are You a Leader?

It isn't necessary to be a leader to be successful. Every leader needs the help of his or her followers. Sometimes it's necessary to be the leader and sometimes the follower. Choose wisely for your success in life depends on it.

Leadership occurs when you persuade a person to take an action that is in your mutual best interest. Manipulation occurs when you persuade a person to action that benefits only you. The choice is yours. I think it's apparent that the leader will enjoy more success and for a much longer time than the manipulator.

Something of mutual benefit is an association with the Jim Click Business Preferred Network. I hope my blog leads you to the same conclusion.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something to Smile About

Want to feel better? Then smile more often. It is astonishing what a smile can do. I have seen the most disgruntled people become agreeable after a smile and a few kind words acknowledging their concerns.

I've never understood, and probably never will, why people don't use this free gift to get what they want or at least live in a more agreeable and harmonious environment.

When you think some one's impossible to please, just smile and say,"I'd like to hear your story". It has been researched and concluded that a smile lowers stress and creates happiness. We all know, that happy people are healthy people. Want to be healthy, smile more!

And, I'll smile more when you become one of our valued partners in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dreams, Discover Yours!

I find the best way to become energized is to follow my dream. Young people have more dreams and visions about what they would like to become than older people. And, just look at the energy they have.

Think, for a moment, what you dreamed of as a youngster. Did your dream come true. For most of us the answer is no. Maybe we didn't have the skill, the opportunity, or just found something else either more practical or more to our liking.

A wealthy couple lost all interest in life because they had it all. Their imagination couldn't come up with anything they looked forward to or enjoyed. In their suicide note they said they no longer had a dream!

This world is to full of purposeful things to do from the mundane to the exhilarating. Use your imagination and discover or commit to your dream. You will be happier and healthier for it.

Commit to helping others in our Jim Click Business preferred Network and you will be greatly rewarded.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Art of Prospecting

The secret to growing your organization is found in the strategy of prospecting and growing your business is no secret to those who implement their strategy by faithful prospecting.

One of our BPN partners sent a card to me that read: 48% of people never follow-up with a prospect, 35% stop after the second contact, 12% stop after three contacts, and 10% after four contacts. Statistics report that sales are made only 2% of the time on the first contact, 3% on the second, 5% on the third, 10% on the fourth and 80% on the fifth through twelfth.

WOW! Don't give in keep in contact and you will win. And, thanks to Sheila Chonis at for sharing this wisdom!

Remember, our Jim Click Business Preferred Network can help you stay in contact and for the benefit of everyone.

Monday, December 7, 2009


From time-to-time I will share with you some quotes to help lift your spirit. If your spirit is already high, hopefully it will lift higher. Here we go...

"Man unlike the animal has never learned that the sole purpose in life is to enjoy it." (Butler)

"Taking your work seriously is imperative but taking yourself seriously is disastrous." (Fonteyn)

"The happiest people are those who do the most for others." (Washington)

"Happiness is the simple harmony between a person and the life they live." (Camus)

All of our partners in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network help make me cheerful and happy. Let's get the rest of Tucson involved.

Friday, December 4, 2009


My wife tells me there is an adage that "horse people" use. It is, "Work with what you have". The horse is the way it is and if you want to succeed with such a large animal you just can't trade him in. You have to become friends by working with what you have.

In life we sometimes want more. There is nothing wrong with wanting more except when you want more because you think you'll be happy - then there is a problem. You might not get more and then what?

Be grateful for whatever you have and whatever your circumstance. You can always find something to be grateful for. I'm grateful for being able to write in a blog. It's kind of fun. Actually it's a lot of fun.

And, I'd be grateful to have you be our partner in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network. Be grateful and you will be happy!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spirit Lifting

One of the worst losses we can have is the loss of an energizing spirit. At this time of year we hear the phrase, "The spirit of Christmas or the spirit of the Holidays." This is meant to be a positive and good thing. Yet, the holidays can be stressful for many of us. Even depression dances around our efforts to be cheerful.

This holiday you can be a "Spirit Lifter" by reaching out to others. The greatest gift we will receive is the inner feeling of pureness, a goodness we can never purchase. Reflect on the idiom, "It is better to give than to receive." When you make this a part of your daily life I think you will indeed be a true "Spirit Lifter."

We offer you the gift of becoming a partner in our Jim Click & Holmes Tuttle Business Preferred Network. Here we can all be spirit lifters for each other.