Friday, November 6, 2009

Great Ideas Need Hard Work For Best Results

"Genius produces great ideas and hard work produces results", so says Zig Ziglar. I'm much better at the great idea part than the hard work part. Over the years, however, I have made an effort to revitalize myself when the vision was clear enough. Like many others, I have a strong resistance to change. I've been told that people will always change if one of three things occur in their daily life. One, people will change when they become bored enough. Two, people change when the pain becomes great enough. And three, we change when the vision is clear enough.

The vision of Tucson businesses working together for a better community through our Business Preferred Network is very clear. The more people I meet and talked to and listen to, the more clear this vision and the more energy I have to help make it happen. It is fun. It is good. And, for sure it is a win-win situation that will help us all..

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