Monday, November 9, 2009

Attitude is a Mandate For Success

Dave Anderson, a respected authority on the fundamentals necessary for achieving our highest level of self-development says, "A positive attitude is not not an option, it's a mandate. Skills, product knowledge, hard work, good intentions, having the best product or service, won't give you the edge that a positive attitude provides. Everything other than a positive attitude is like having paper, kindling and firewood all neatly stacked and ready to burn. It is your attitude, however, that becomes the match! You can't start the fire without it."

Many ingredients go into what makes up a positive attitude. However, the one most necessary is having an attitude of possibility. If your imagination can come up with an idea for a positive outcome you have the right attitude for making anything work. When you believe in the possibilities your efforts to make it happen increase. Defeat is not a word in your vocabulary. Imagine the possibilities of an association with our Jim Click Business Preferred Network. We have many partners and we want you to be one of us. Working together creates many more possibilities than working alone.

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