Monday, December 28, 2009

Discipline, The Best Gift

I'm stressed just using the word discipline. Most of us review our status at the end of each year and begin to make promises of what we will do in the new year to improve.

I see three tasks of life, work, love, and play, as tasks I could improve and I think make myself more satisfied. Yet, to fulfill even a reasonable goal I must first commit to improving my discipline. It is too easy for me to make an excuse and justify my actions.

The best gift I can give and receive is to myself. Assuming, I will do the things necessary for optimal health requires discipline. After that, I have set goals for work accomplishment, goals for my golf game and other leisure, and goals for improving my relationships.

I have found that setting long-term goals is best for me. Then, when I fall off my ideals I can encourage myself to get back on track as I have time to meet my goals. It worked for me in 2009 and I hope I will be more disciplined in 2010.

One goal you can set is to become more active in the Jim Click Business Preferred Network. With discipline it could be the best gift you give yourself.

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