Monday, April 18, 2011

Authentic Customer Service

Starbucks is a business model that any organization can learn from.  Feelings about the company run from "not-interested" to "I'll stand in line for 20 minutes to get my espresso." 

Howard Schultz, CEO, in his latest book, Onward has provided critical information concerning a method to make any organization more successful.  It is about the soft-side of business skills.  For sure, efficiency in the financial aspects of business are mandatory and require constant attention; but his message will give your organization the kind of soul that will have you thriving.

The essence behind "ONWARD" is romance.  This is a romantic business book.  The love affair and passion of people who have learned that coffee is much more than the glorification of the bean to the cup. 

Much of this 400 page book is self-glorification and it's real value to a shrewed business person could have easily been delivered in about 120. 

There is nothing new about the basics concerning customer service; quality products, guarantees, easy to purchase, and a feeling of, "I want to do more business with you".

Whatever your product, service, or mission it needs romance and spice.  My mother drank coffee every morning but I never saw her get excited about that black liquid.  Starbucks was able to accomplish this in a way never achieved by any other company in the history of coffee.

Howard, made a big deal about coffee after visiting an Italian coffee house.  He saw something few others did and applied his vision to his own little coffee shops.  The result being that there are thousands of stores globally producing revenue every hour, just so he can buy a new $45 million jet and enjoy some of the finest experiences that money can buy.

Twenty-five years later, from another shop owner in Italy, he learned anew the value of taking pride in what you do and doing it to its finest and best purpose.  If you do this and create passion for your organization great things are coming your way. Get his book and read diligently and searching between the lines for ways to apply his understanding to your organization. Onward is a small investment that will bring big rewards.

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  1. Heard him on an interview saying something like, "We don't sell coffee to people, we provide a place where people who drink coffee can meet." This is similar to Jim Clicks great showroom Cafe's!