Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Make Digital Marketing Easy

If you are like me, you may feel overwhelmed with all the conversation about Social Media and Digital Marketing. Most of us are acquainted with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, My Space, You Tube, and etc. Some of us use these fairly regularly. And, few of us have any effective strategy on how to employ these venues for marketing our products.

So, what do we do? Nothing! We say, “It’s good and sometime I’ll start using it.” We at the Jim Click Business Preferred Network want to help. We are seeking qualified “experts” to help us all learn and implement our marketing strategy. Few of us can pay a consulting fee and really we would be smarter understanding and doing it ourselves.

I have a couple of experts and I think they will help us by giving a free seminar/workshop for our 1,000 business partners. This will be our very first Business Preferred Network meeting. If you are reading this and have an interest in attending, let me know. It won’t happen before the end of February and most likely early March.

And once you begin to know how to implement your new-wave marketing, the key to success is in the doing. Your return on your time invested will be extremely high.

Don’t forget to “Be Kind”!

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